💰 Бонусы для новых партнеров 💰

Here's some awesome news! 💣
If you just registered at Lemonad or you joined a long time ago but haven't launched traffic yet...
We've got a super promotion for you that starts October 1 and will run indefinitely.

✅ 50-150 апрувов — +100$ to payout;
✅ 150-250 апрувов — +150$ to payout;
✅ over 250 апрувов — +250$ to payout.

This number of approves should be gained in 1 month. If you registered on October 10, you should have this number of approves by November 10.

The promotion is valid only for the first month after registration. Bonuses are given after verification of buyout. The terms and conditions are only for Lemonad partners who have not yet joined the affiliate program.

To learn more details, write to your manager as soon as possible 😉